Aging Smarter and Wiser

Are we aging smarter and wiser?

When speaking with an older elder, one must remember they have been around much longer than many of us and have had the opportunity to learn many more things. Recently, I had occasion to ask the opinion of one such smarter and wiser individual and she gave me such great advice. I am so happy that I took the time to listen to her. I asked her to critique something for me and she went on to empirically describe what should be changed and what shouldn’t. She was infuriated in some parts and pleased in others. I must confess that I knew she would react that way but I needed to validate it for someone else. We must remember that our aging population are a world class resource for validity. Their experience predates all of ours and when you need to have a go-to person, seniors are a great way to go.

If only we all would age smarter and wiser and show it now but unfortunately we can’t put the “cart before the horse” as my friend would say.

Thanks for reading 😉