Diagnosis Death

I realize that the title to this blog is alarming but that is truly how I felt at the time when my oncologist told me that my breast cancer was back metastasized to my spine. That was six months ago. With a great cancer team, I have lived. So far.

Radiation, pain medication, bone strengthening medication and cancer-fighting drugs are my new best friends. Five months ago, I was laying in the bed and whimpering from the pain. With the help of a wonderful Radiology Oncologist and his team, I was able to get the pain in my lower back and hip managed, and began walking better again with the aid of a walker with a seat they arranged for me. Whenever my back feels a little tired, I can turn around to sit and rest for a minute.

Yesterday was the Fourth of July and I BBQ’d and cooked a wonderful celebratory meal for my husband and I. Five months ago, I couldn’t get out of bed. Every evening my husband would come into the bedroom with a pad and pen and I would dictate the steps he needed to take in the order he was to cook our dinner. He learned, and we ate. A true testimony from a man that has loved me for 40 years. He said that I cooked for him the first 40 years so he would cook the rest. Thankfully, for now we are sharing the responsibility. When I get tired, he picks up the slack. He also does most of the dishes, a job he dislikes. We are very lucky to have each other. We will be married 40 years on August 1st. He is the love of my life.

I don’t know how much longer I have left but an old friend who I watched pass away with the same illness once told me, “It is time spent with friends and loved ones that is the most important. Time is the thing.”

Death is upon me but I intend to dodge that diagnosis for as long as I can. The new cancer drugs help. I have had good results with IBrance and the rest of my protocol, so far. I have lived a good life truly blessed with wonderful experiences. Thank God for each day.

Thanks for reading…Laura