An Aging Life Renewed

As I look out into my back yard at the new palm fronds on my palm tree, I am reminded that sometimes old truly can be made new again. This aging palm tree had lost all of its fronds but one. I thought it was following the three other palms that had lost all of their fronds in the last few months. The palm orchard behind our house seemed to be dying. I took one of the fronds to the university agriculture department to study but they couldn’t find why the trees were loosing their palms. For the next week, I went outside and studied the one palm frond that was left. My husband went up the ladder and took one small dead piece off of it. A few days later, a new palm frond started unfurling. Today, there are two more. The palm tree had come back to life.

It just goes to show that when something is cared for, it can revive. The same goes for an aging person who is alone. When someone pays attention to such a person, they will have the occasion to react to the attention. Without an interchange, there is no reaction. Think about that when you think about the aging persons in your life and pay them some attention. You may be their reason for a good quality of life. With a little attention, they too will flourish like the palm frond. Take a leaf from my book and spend some time with that aging friend or relative today. It could be that little act of kindness that makes the difference.

Thanks for reading! 🙂